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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 18, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's thursday, november 18th. and this morning, 2012 showdown. sarah palin makes a bold prediction to barbara walters. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> and she may have competition. the billionaire who says he'll spend big if he runs. >> would you take her on? >> i have no choice. i would take her on. also, will will and kate soon set their date? new details on who will foot the bill. and what will promised kate's father. a new justification for
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stepped-up security. abc news obtains evidence of what airport screeners missed. and viewer revolt. what sparked a "dancing with the stars" viewer to shoot a hole in the television set? >> i guess he didn't like bristol palin's paso doble. >> i don't know. it's on fire on the internet. people calling into abc, with lots of commentary and complaints about the results. and accusations that it's all politically-motivated.esults. >> a huge controversy. we're going to get into that ahead. welcome, elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is off. another palin making news. sarah palin looking like a run for 2012 is likely. she talks to barbara walters. and donald trump may be joining the race. >> not the first time he's flirted with a run for the white house. maybe nor serious this time. also this morning, save the
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date, possibly for march. and also, take a look at this photo from the front page of "the daily mail." kate middleton leaving last night with royal aids. the church where so many monarchs have been crowned might be the location for the wedding. bets on the month of july. it looks like it may be sooner, in the month of march. we'll have the details in a minute. >> tradition of the five-month engagement would bring you to march or april. and yesterday, the bookies were all saying july. >> they stopped taking bets for july. >> now, insiders say maybe march. we'll get to that. but we begin with sarah palin, making her clearest statement yet about running for the white house. jonathan karl is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: sarah palin is looking like a candidate openly considering a run for president. and confidently predicting that she can beat barack obama. amid mounting speculation she's running for president, sarah palin tells barbara walters, she thinks she can win.
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>> i'm looking at the lay of the land now. and trying to figure that out. if it's a good thing for the country. for the discourse, for my family. if it's a good thing. >> if you run for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> reporter: it's a palin media blitz. she has another episode of her reality show this weekend. a cover story in "the new york times" magazine. a new book coming out next week. and, of course, daughter, bristol, is in the final of "dancing with the stars." >> today, todd and bristol and i headed out to our local shooting range. >> reporter: in the upcoming episode of "sarah palin's alaska," a well-armed palin bonds with her daughter, bristol. >> mom. take your hair back home. >> my hair color is going. >> i know. >> don't retreat. just reload. >> reporter: the palin juggernaut has some gop insiders worried that she could win the republican nomination and then
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go on to lose big in the general election. a national replay of what happened in delaware, with palin-backed senate candidate, christine o'donnell. >> you betcha. >> reporter: in "the new york times" magazine, palin responds directly to her gop critics. saying they should, quote, vent some paranoia toward all of the gop candidates because, obviously, there's no guarantee any of us would win. not everything is going palin's way. >> we made history. >> reporter: with lisa murkowski now projected to win the alaska senate race. an improbable write-in victory over palin's candidate, joe miller. whether or not she'd be a viable candidate, today, palin is undoubtedly the most high-profile republican in the land. which is why you can see that full interview on barbara walters ten most fascinating people. >> thanks very much. another possible candidate speaks out. i talk to donald trump on why
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he's mulling a white house interview. that's an exclusive interview coming up in a little bit. >> i think it may be a new term. thanks, george. moving to the royal wedding. we turn to the big day. and reports this morning that william told kate's father, he promised to be careful to protect her from the pressures of royal life. wedding planning is under way. and a lot of details are being worked out, even overnight. bianna golodryga is at buckingham palace this morning with the very latest. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. as you mentioned, the wedding may take place at westminster abbey, the same church where queen elizabeth and her mother before her, were married. and it may take place as early as march. this, as the royal family now faces the challenge of throwing the wedding of the century, in a country facing severe budget cuts. the u.k.'s "daily mail" snapped this photo of kate middleton emerging from westminster abbey last night, with royal aides, and without her new fiance, who
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has returned to wales to resume pilot duties. could this be the place where she and will say i do? a palace spokesperson confirmed she was there. for prince william, the abbey would bring joy to a once-painful setting. it was there he said good-bye to his mother, princess diana. wherever they choose, the price tag would be high. while charles and diana's wedding cost an estimated $7 million, this event could run anywhere from $30 million to $75 million. and that's rising eyebrows in a country where the economy is still reeling. the british government just slashed $130 billion in spending. and cut out 500,000 public-sector jobs. even the queen canceled the christmas party. while prince charles and the queen are expected to pick up the tab for the wedding, security costs might fall on the taxpayers. >> the taxpayers don't want to see a lavish affair. they want to see costs kept down. >> reporter: queen elizabeth married as the u.k. was
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struggling to rebuild after world war ii. and 750 million people around the world watched as william's parents wed during a deep recession. is this going to revive, in a sense, people's spirits here? and even tourism for that mat cent er? >> the fact there's tv crews here from around the world means that romance and royalty is watched by people around the globe. >> reporter: the street outside westminster abbey, a place marked with so much sadness, may soon be replaced with the cheers of a nation. some economists predict that the royal wedding could bring in $1 billion in revenue from merchandise and tourism sales. as for queen's elizabeth, while no one is worried that buckingham palace will go into foreclosure. it is interesting to note that back in 1981, when prince william's parents were married, she was one of the richest people in the country.
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now, she's not even in the top 200. >> that's interesting. for more, we're joined live from buckingham palace, by former palace spokesman, dickey arbiter. i know you have been working your sources overnight. we heard yesterday that it would be in july. when are you hearing that the wedding is going to be? >> march is being moved as a date. it kind of slipped out with the interviews that tom bradby did the other day. i prefer april. april would be the five-month window we were talking about. and i think westminster abbey is a good option. it's close to buckingham palace. good for security and a carriage ride. >> we heard about the cost of this wedding when britain is going through measures, the government cutting way back. who will foot the bills for this wedding? will the queen dip into her
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purse? will prince charles? >> well, the queen and the prince of wales will dip into their pockets for much of this wedding. but there are stuart implications that you would expect. that will be picked up by the metropolitan police. there are certain issues revolving the ceremonial route, around buckingham palace and around westminster abbey. there's figures being bandied about. somebody was talking about 30 million pounds 30 years ago for the wedding of charles and diana. it was nowhere near that. and it won't reach that figure now. but there are cost constraints involved. and william and kate will have to be aware that they're under the microscope in terms of costs. >> one of the things they're thinking about is having the wedding in westminster abbey, which is slightly smaller than st. paul's cathedral. when was the guest list begin? >> i think it's begun now. you have guests that william and kate want to invite.
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there are guests that william and kate have got to invite, because of the commonwealth aspect. there's world leaders that have to be considered. there's friends and family. they're already thinking about that. if we're talking about westminster abbey, we're talking about 2,800. how many the building behind me can take is immeasurable. they can take a lot of guests in a lot of rooms. it's one of those things they'll have to wrestle with over the next few weeks. >> when do we expect to hear details on what the wedding dress will be? who the designer will be? and who will be on the guest list? >> that's the million-dollar question. they will play that closely. i remember when charles and diana got married in '81, it was quite a few weeks before we heard who was going to make that dress. they're going to keep it very quiet. as far as the guest list is concerned, we're not really going to know for a couple of months, i would have thought, because they have to contact everybody. they have to get a response from them, if they are going to come. as far as the venue is concerned, i would have thought
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within the next week we'll hear confirmation that he is going to be westminster abbey, which is a short ride away from here. >> all right. dickie arbiter, thanks for being here. i can't imagine anybody saying, i can't make it. >> once they get the call. they are coming. we're going to go back to washington now. this has been the roughest month of the obama presidency. and the latest setback came late yesterday, when the jury cleared an al qaeda operative from tanzania an all but 1 of the 300 charges against him, for the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa. jake tapper joins us now. this will complicate the obama administration's efforts to try detainees in court. >> reporter: a senior official points out. that ghailani was convicted of one count that carries out 20 years. we tried a kwi who the bush administration tortured, the senior administration official said. in a court, before a jury, with
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full transparency and legitimacy. and we were able to convict him and incapacitate him for essentially the rest of his natural life. president obama had been hoping for a much tougher verdict, for ahmed ghailani, the tanzanian put on trial for the embassy bombings in africa. he is the first guantanamo detainee tried in a civilian court instead of a military tribunal. a test case for the president's ideals. >> our courts and our jr.s, our citizens are tough enough to convict terrorists. >> reporter: and yesterday, ghailani was acquitted of all but one of the counts against him. the verdict is a, quote, total miscarriage of justice, said the incoming homeland security committee chairman, republican peter king. saying it demonstrates the absolute insanity of the obama
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administration's decision to try al qaeda terrorists in civilian courts. the verdict comes when the president is on defense, regarding the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear disarmament treaty with russia, which republicans vow to block. >> in its current condition, no. >> reporter: and the president will continue to press the case for s.t.a.r.t., especially speaking after a meeting, a bipartisan group, of former national security officials, elizabeth, which includes henry kissinger and jim bakker. elizabeth? >> thanks, jake. we turn to airport security. german authorities say a suspicious device was found in a suitcase on a flight from namibia to munich. we turn to pierre thomas. plus, the heightened security and patdowns here in the united states. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: as the situation in germany unfolds, u.s. officials aren't very concerned about it until they find out what is going on. as the debate continues in washington, about the enhanced security measures, we have
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sobering news why they were implemented in the first place. these tsa photographs obtained by abc news show that passengers are still trying to smuggle contraband onboard airplanes. look at it. from marijuana, and jack daniels, to ceramic knives, caught by body-scanners. and the new procedures, including patdowns, were done in part because of major gaps in security. government inspectors have been able to routinely sneak banned items, including weapons and bomb components, past screeners. >> it was largely because we were not being thorough enough in our patdowns. >> reporter: and the new tsa administrator told congress, the failed christmas day underwear bombing attempt, and ongoing intelligence about the threat against airplanes, pushed him to act. some passengers are complaining the new measures go too far. this confrontation with the tsa has gone viral on the internet. >> if you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> reporter: this week, a
7:15 am
passenger punched a tsa officer in the chest, after going through a body scanner. and some critics are calling for mass protests at airports on the day before thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel times of the year. homeland security officials believe the criticism may be overstated. they say the overwhelming majority of passengers are complying without complaint. officials say they're not backing down. that these measures will stay in place. the situation is far too dangerous. elizabeth? >> all right. pierre thomas, thanks so much. now, let's get a quick check of the weather with sam champion. good morning, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. let's start with pictures of the big, bad storm that moved through the northeast yesterday. we're talking about wind damage through baltimore and philly. a possible tornado in upstate new york. it's a better day today. less wind. it's a little cooler. 54 in new york. burlington, about 44 degrees. here's where the real chill is. some places won't come out of the 20s today. this is the real chill, dipping
7:16 am
down, all the way into the middle of the country, and headed east over the next couple of days. so is the rain moving south. southern california will pick it up by the end of the week. but today, big rain in northern california and oregon.
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all of america's weather in the next half hour. george? >> thank you, sam. earlier, we heard sarah palin tell barbara walters she can beat president obama in 2012. first, she may have to beat another reality tv star in the republican primary. a close confidant of billionaire donald trump has set up a website, touting a white house run. and "the apprentice" star gave me an exclusive interview yesterday to talk about it. it says, under his guidance, the united states of america will once again be the land of opportunity, prosperity and strength. you believe that? >> that's a very nice statement. >> do you accept? >> i am thinking about things.
7:18 am
i'm looking at this country, george, and what's happened. in terms of respect, i have many people from china that i do business with. they laugh at us. they feel we're fools. they're getting away with absolute murder. they're making the products that we used to make in this country. they're making them, in china. we're rebuilding china. >> if you were president, what would be different? >> i do things very strongly. i would tax china. they manipulate the currency. by manipulating the currency, it's very hard to compete with china. >> you tax china, they stop financing our debt, our economy collapses. >> we tax china, we will pay off the debt quickly. >> why would they go for it? >> it's us. we have the cards. we're the ones that are spending up a of this money in china. >> don't they have the cards because they're our bankers? >> i don't think so at all. i have had bankers over the years. i don't think bankers have the cards. >> how serious is this? you set up an exploratory
7:19 am
committee in 1999 and decided not to run. >> in 1999, a group of people wanted me to run. i never wanted to run. and i wasn't a big believer in the independent party. i was lucky that i didn't do it. >> walk us through the whole process. what are the triggers that would get you into this race? >> would i rather be in the race or not be in the race? i can tell you, i'm loving what i'm doing. >> talking about it, right? >> it would be fun because i would like to see positive things happen for the country. when people tell me from other countries that they no longer respect our country, now, whether you like ronald reagan or didn't like ronald reagan, there was a level of respect for this country that we had. >> you think president obama doesn't have that. he has a period where he was quite popular around the world. >> initially, he was. but we cannot let the rest of the world beat us up. we're like a whipping post right now. >> so, if he ran, you would run as a republican, correct? >> i am a republican. i would run as a republican, yes. >> when you look at the field, now. we have sarah palin, saying she
7:20 am
is thinking hard about it. >> same producer. mark burnett produced her show. produces "the apprentice," which has become a major hit, as you know. and we've had a lot of fun. sarah palin is interesting. and don't underestimate her. i see what she does. >> would you take her on? >> if i ran, i have no choice. i like her. but i'd take her on. >> let me go back to my original question, then. what's it going to take for you to get in? >> i will make a decision by june. >> you're worth more than $1 billion. how much would you spend? >> i would spend a lot. >> meg whitman spent $2 million trying to be governor of california. >> that didn't work. she was very smart. but it didn't work. >> one place it worked was new york city. where mayor bloomberg spent a lot of his fortune to get elected the first time around. he's looked at the presidential race. you think he could do it? >> he's a very good friend of
7:21 am
mine. i don't know if he could do it as a republican because he's a little on the liberal side of things? >> are you pro-choice? >> excuse me? >> are you pro-choice? >> i don't want to discuss right now. but you will be shocked when i give you that answer. >> i will be shocked? >> you will be very surprised. i will make a decision. and when i make a decision, i will let you know about it. >> i have a hard time figuring out how serious you are about this. you're obviously passionate about a lot of issues. but you've -- >> i'm passionate about the country. >> this isn't another reality show? >> no. i've done very well. i've had a show, for many migh s nights, was the number one show in television. >> when you make a decision, you call us up. >> interesting. coming up, the reality show producer accused of murdering his wife is now in federal court. plus, backlash over bristol palin's final fight for the mirrorball trophy. and listen to this -- >> let me out of this taxi.
7:22 am
>> one woman's frantic 911 call from a taxi. we take you for her wild ride. that's all coming up, after local news and weather.
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. good morning it's 7:26. sun glare is the major your use -- issues. wind not too bad. 40 degrees. feeling like mid-30s.
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45 in easton and 41 up towards york, pa. above normal but what you will notice is cloud on the increase. this system racing out of the ohio valley bringing a chance of showers today but most of it passes to our south. we are looking for the clouds to come back in by lunchtime and this afternoon turning overcast. but 56 the two degree guaranteed and gusty breeze up to 25 miles per hour. let's check on the traffic now with kim. >> reporter: thanks. we are looking at moderate delays this morning around the outer loop. both on the northeast corner here at harford road and west side. as you make your way past liberty road, not any problems on the beltway. a lot of people are trying to drive at the same time. we have a couple accidents south of the beltway. one in elk ridge washington at meadow ridge involving an unoccupied school bus and mountain road. here megan with the morning news update. >> thanks. it's 7:27. good morning to you. the teachers union passed a landmark contract that goes no effect immediately. it makes baltimore city one of
7:28 am
the few districts to link student performance to teacher evaluations and pay. the decision will reward teachers who take on leadership role in the schools. also this morning, tomorrow a judge in annapolis will hear a case that we heard a lot about involving a siberian husky named bear-bear. in august an off-duty federal office wears charged with animal cruelty accused shooting the dog. the case was dismissed but reopened because of large public outcry. we are out of time but will send you back to out good morning, america." have a great morning.
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♪ boy, the debate over bristol palin is just taking off. all over the internet, one of the things that is sparking it right now, a political website says they have figured out a way to game the system. and that might have increased her vote totals. but a lot of people unhappy about it. we're going to get into the controversy this morning. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm elizabeth vargas. robin roberts is off this morning. i remember, during "american idol," for example, ryan seacrest chiding the viewers and the voters.example, ryan >> over sanjay? >> several different times. this is not a popularity contest. it's a singing contest. and trying to make that distinction. a lot of talk about which kind
7:31 am
of contest "dancing with the stars" is, at least this season. also this morning, take a listen to this 911 call. >> please, help me. i'm in a taxi, that will not let me out of the taxi. >> that's a frantic woman who may have been kidnapped by her cab driver. what happened next? we'll take you on her wild ride. and anybody who get into a taxi in any city in this country, has probably had that fear. >> incredible video. we'll get into that ahead. we'll also get more into the upcoming royal wedding. prince william made sure to include his mother in the announcement of his engagement to kate middleton. and we'll look back at his mother in these extraordinary photographs. first, we're going to turn to the former reality tv producer, bruce beresford-redman, ready to fight extradition to mexico. that's where authorities have charged him with killing his wife, while on va gacation in
7:32 am
april. first, mike von fremd has the latest on the case and the new details that are just coming out. >> reporter: it's been seven, agonizing months, since monica beresford-redman's body was found at a mexican resort. her husband, bruce beresford-redman, a tv producer for the show "survivor," is now in court in los angeles. >> this is just the beginning. we are here, ready to keep on fighting for the justice for my sister. >> reporter: in court documents, the staff at the cancun hotel says, concerned guests reported screams, crying for help, and extremely loud banging. it sounded like a woman in extreme distress. the desperate calls for help were coming from the redmans' room, a room investigators say has a view of the sewage tank, in which monica's body was found. hotel records show an electronic
7:33 am
key was used nine times between midnight and 7:00 a.m., when monica was reported missing. prosecutors say the family nanny overheard the couple having a big fight the night before they left for the mexican vacation. the nanny says she heard the husband say, he needed to buy a life insurance policy for his wife and himself. bruce redman's attorney says his client is innocent. >> there were two other homicides at that same hotel. we think the police certainly should have looked out and looked for other suspects before they arrested our client. >> reporter: while the former tv producer awaits for trial, the court has awarded custody of his 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, to his parents. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. and joining me now are monica's sisters, carla and jeane burgos, and their attorney. i want to start with you, jeane.
7:34 am
the moment your sister was found in mexico, you with been unwavering in your fight for justice. do you feel you're finally getting it? >> i feel it's a great beginning. it's a moment we waited for for a long time. it's finally paying off, for all the hard work we have done. >> this 11-page filing by the mexican government has pretty damning information concerning your brother-in-law. witnesses heard a woman screaming in your sister and brother-in-law's room. that blood was found in that room. that the key card was used between midnight and 7:00 a.m. did you know any of this information before it came out in this filing?y of this >> some of it, yes, i did know. yes. >> and what was your reaction to the rest of it that you learned? >> yeah, just like, you know, we've been -- things are happening. and a lot of things are unfolding along with that. and then, we just get more, you know, certain of everything that
7:35 am
has happened that night. at the same time, that it helps us on the case, it's very demeanor it really destroys us. puts it in a very stressful and difficult position because it's very sad. >> and when i read the complaint to them -- and we knew a lot of information going into it. but it was gruesome. and it was really chilling to hear the details and to read it on paper. it was awful for all of us. >> well, when you read those te details, allison, it spells out a tale, not only of a fight and a murder that might have happened. but also an intense cover-up that took over 24 hours. >> from the scratches and the screams, and the housekeeper. there's so much damning evidence here, that we believe, you know, this -- the mexican authorities really did a very good job putting a case against bruce
7:36 am
together. >> alison, bruce's lawyer is fighting extradition back to mexico. how long might this fight draw out? >> it will be a long haul. i'm sure they will fight it every turn. but for us, the fact that he is in custody is really where we think he should be. and we're ready. and we're willing to continue to fight this until the very end, to get justice for monica. >> your sister and brother-in-law, had two, small children together. a little boy and a little girl. how are the two children doing? do you see them? >> yes, we do see them. we have a scheduled visitation that we have, you know, very happily going and spending time with them. yes, we do see them. >> it must be soothing for them to see their aunts. how are they holding up in the face of all of this terrible tragedy? >> it's very difficult. it's very difficult for them. it's very difficult for us. at the time we are together, i
7:37 am
try -- we try to make, you know, a happy and fun time for them. no manipulation. nothing that really takes them out of their comfort zone of just being a kid and having fun. and i think we do a great job of that. and think, you know -- they enjoy very much spending time with us. >> and do you have interaction with bruce as a result of these visits with the children? >> no, i don't. >> and i think that's probably over, now that he's in custody. >> good luck in the ongoing court battles. and all our best to your family through this very trying time. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. and now, time to check in with juju for all the rest of the morning's headlines. good morning, juju. >> good morning, elizabeth and george. good morning, again, everyone. as stocks begin trading this morning, general motors becomes a public company again. this morning's offering would be $20 million, which would be a record. it will reduce the government's
7:38 am
stake in the company by 40%. a nonprofit group finds 1.4 million jobs were saved by the government's auto industry bailout. and another hopeful sign on the repaved wall street bailout. the federal reserve is ordering 19 banks to undergo a second round of stress tests, to determine if they are healthy enough to undergo another recession. those that pass will be allowed to pay higher dividends to investors. a tuition hike that is expected to be approved today at the university, triggered violent protests as students clashed with police. one officer drew his gun. another used pepper spray. 13 people were arrested. the tuition hike would be the sixth increase in the last four years. one year after the car crash that led to his tail spin, tiger woods is launching a p.r. blitz to restore his image. he says he's not the same man he was a year ago. writing in "newsweek," quote, i didn't want to look inward, scared of what i would find.
7:39 am
slowly, i'm regaining what i lost. i'm learning that some victories can mean smiles, not trophies. woods will be on espn radio this morning. he joined twitter yesterday. and got about 30,000 new followers in about an hour. >> that's a lot. proving he has his mojo. >> he's still a very popular guy. >> he's learning the joys of making mac and cheese for his kids. >> that's a great joy. good for him. let's go to sam for the weather. you have news this morning, sam. >> we do. good morning, everyone. we're going to start with pictures. a live shot out of philadelphia, really. we love philly. look at the gorgeous skies. something else this morning, world it's becoming the world-first eagles stadium, the world's first major sports stadium to supply all of its own energy. it's being retrofitted to use alternative energy. 2,500 solar panels on the stadium facade.
7:40 am
the energy there they generate should be enough to cover what it needs over the next 20 years. completely self-sustaining. congratulations, philadelphia. let's look at what's going on this morning. it's the strong winds in the northeast, driven by the drier air, the cooler air of high pressure here. that was yesterday. today, there's less wind. but still, the cold air. check out boston going to 47 on friday. philly, you're 49. d.c. stays in the 50s. but new york down to 40, as well. the one system to watch is the one in the northwest. it will be dropping rain into northern and central california. by friday, that rain extends all the way down into southern we never really look this way. i don't know why. all this weather was brought to
7:41 am
you by walmart. elizabeth? >> so intrigued. >> i don't know why we never do that. >> all right. coming up next, the controversy in the ballroom. why so many viewers are worked up that bristol palin is in the finals of "dancing with the stars." [ male announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan called the humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. it's a new plan that covers both brand and generic prescriptions and has the lowest-priced national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month and in-store copays as low as $2. when you could save over $450 a year, you can focus on the things that really matter. ♪ go to for details. ♪ have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us.
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dancing and politics don't usually go together. i can testify to that. this year is an especially explosive mix. as we countdown the finale of "dancing with the stars," the bristol palin is heating up. while she's kstzly at the bottom of the leaderboard, bristol is
7:45 am
in monday's final. one man was so mad, police had to be called in after he took a shotgun to his tv set. sharyn alfonsi is here. and things are getting crazy there. one thing that set people off, is this website, hill buzz, says they found a way to game the system. >> reporter: and some people say they're doing it. some people say they voted for bristol palin, dozens, even hundreds of times. now, some viewers say it's unfair. this morning, they are flooding abc with angry comments and demanding a recount. forget "dirty dancing." critics say dirty politics are behind bristol palin's success. and this morning, they are lashing out. flooding abc's phone lines. and posting by the thousands online. calling bristol's win, a joke, a disgrace. and saying, they'll stop watching. the teen mom went toe-to-toe with singer, brandy, for a spot
7:46 am
in the finals. brandy's performance, breathtaking. with judges' scores to match. >> a perfect 30. >> reporter: palin's performance -- >> there's a little too much space. i would have liked to see, as well. i think you've come so far. >> 27 out of 30. >> reporter: but no one expected this. >> the couple with the lowest score, brandy and maks. >> reporter: critics immediately accused tea party supporters of ballot-stuffing. on this conservative website, readers admitted they figured out a way to game abc's e-mail voting feature. here's a hint, they don't have to be valid e-mail addresses to register them. another adding, lord, have mercy. i voted for three hours online. i got 300 in. but a spokeswoman for the show
7:47 am
said they have security measures to catch and remove fraudulent, online voting. and the producers are defending the results. >> sometimes, they'll vote for people because they don't think they're getting a fair crack of the whip from the judges. >> reporter: in wisconsin, this man said he thought it was so bad, he blasted his tv with a shotgun, after watching her monday night. sparking an all-night standoff with a s.w.a.t. team. tuesday night, during the results show, for her part, bristol is thanking her supporters. writing on facebook, quote, i think the haters are pulling out all the stops this week, to destroy me. end quote. this is like as the mirrorball turns. so much drama. >> thanks for that, sharyn alfonsi. the finale is monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central. and coming up, one woman's wild cab ride. her frantic 911 call from a taxi, after a driver may have kidnapped his passenger. best ribs in nelson county,
7:48 am
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still ahead on "gma," prince william, diana and kate. we talk to the royal
7:52 am
photographer. also, elisabeth hasselbeck takes to the streets to see how easy it is to get a new drug that teens just can't get enough of. it has doctors and parents very worried. now, driving safe. what is the three-second rule? okay. it's been a while since drivers ed class for most of us. if you're not sure how to correctly follow the three-second rule, go to ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] here's hoping you find something special in your driveway this holiday. ♪ [ santa ] ho ho ho! [ male announcer ] get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz you've always wanted at the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. at the winter event going on now.
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now mayor lean most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. gad morning it's 7:56. 45 dedee greece around johns hopkins university applied physics labs. wind as high as 15 miles per hour. the wind were up to 57 miles per hour yesterday. temperatures this morning, coming up throot 30s on west side of the ellicott city rockville 36. 46 in towson and 45 right now in pasadena. we will be watching the clouds race in from the little system to the west. now that system will pass to our south but it will give us a
7:57 am
cloudy day. give it a couple hours and the sun will go to a mostly cloudy sky. we will get up to 56 degrees as the two degree guaranteed but it will be breezy gust to about 25 miles per hour a shower possible and then we will clear it out and drop to freezing by daybreak and quick peek as we spread it out through tomorrow, 50 degrees but 40s outside of the city. 55 on saturday. 54 with thickening clouds on sunday. and then before thanksgiving, we will deal with the rainstorm but mild in the 60s. kim. >> reporter: this morning, we are looking at delays 95 southbound past white marsh boulevard exit heading towards the beltway. and as we look on top of the fort mchenry tunnel traffic is moving well on southbound side. minor congestion make your way towards the toll plaza. looking at our maps, we have a handful of things work on the outer loop. a crash at i-70 blocks the left shoulder but there's debris partially blocking the left lane. that is causing a delay there on the west side of the outer loop. 12 minutes between 795 down
7:58 am
towards i-70 has right downtown an accident at east preston and st. paul street an up in bell -- overly an accident reported at kenwood avenue and brookwood this morning. stay with us, we are send yowing back to new york right now for more of "good morning, america"
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. good morning, times square at the crowd out there. nobody's wearing jackets. >> fantastic. i can't wait to get out there. >> well, we're glad to have you here this morning, elizabeth. robin is off for the weekend. >> and we're going to have more details this morning on the royal wedding. you can't get enough. admit it. it may be a few months away. we're going to look back at prince william and princess diana. their special connection. we heard william talk about it when he spoke about why he gave kate, his fiancee, his mother's
8:01 am
engagement ring. the person who took these extraordinary photographs of diana and will, from the time he was a baby, to the time he has grown up, will be joining us. it may be known as fake marijuana. but the reality is, teens can't get enough of it right now. how easy is it for your kids to get? we're going to get into that with elisabeth hasselbeck. she hit the streets for the answer. and she interviews one couple that blames the drug for their son's death. it's one week until thanksgiving. if you're already dreading all the time it takes to prepare that big meal, we'll tell you how to save up to eight hours and serve brunch and dinner still. i need to pay attention. >> becky worley has all the answers. first, when prince william announced his engagement this week, he made two things clear. he is a man in love. and a son determined to honor the memory of his mother. bianna golodryga joins us again from buckingham palace. >> reporter: good morning,
8:02 am
elizabeth. it's fair to say that no one would have loved planning this wedding more than prince william's mother, princess diana. and that begs the question, what would she have thought of kate? he was only 15 when diana died. but in those 15 years, mother and son had forged a strong bond. from the first moment we saw them together, the new mother and her first born, we knew this was a mother whose high hopes for her child would be realized. >> she cared for me. we would told that we were the most important thing in her life. >> reporter: despite her royal obligations, diana's children always came first. and the pictures tell the story. the young family, sharing a quiet afternoon in a park. and just a few years later, diana's hand, tightly holding william's, on the young prince's first day of school. >> the royal family has always thought the only thing you openly share affection to are horses and dogs. and diana changed all that.
8:03 am
she simply didn't think it mattered to show affection to your children. >> we're very, very happy. >> reporter: so, this week, when the young man who will be king announced his engagement to kate middleton, it was also natural that thoughts would turn to his mother, gone, now, 13 years. the diana you knew, how would she react to her son marrying kate? >> well, she'll be thrilled with the choice of kate because she's a fashion herself. and a bit jealous. she would have been approaching 50. and the fashion batton would hae been passed from one generation to the next. >> reporter: but without his mom present, he passed along something from his mother to his bride-to-be, diana's engagement ring. >> i thought it was nice. she won't be able to share in the excitement of all this. this is my way of keeping her close to it all. >> reporter: while kate will no doubt face pressures and struggles along the way, she has
8:04 am
a tight-knit group of friends and family that will help her. you have to wonder if princess diana would be helping her and advising her, as well. >> so much. and joining me from london with more on this, is royal photographer, arthur edwards, who has photographed prince william his first steps, to his engagement. good morning, thanks for joining us. i want to follow up on something that ingrid just said. whether it's the photo of diana taking william to his first day of school. or the video we've seen, of diana taking her boys to an amusement park and having fun with them. she was the first royal mother to publicly show affection for her boys. it was when so much of diana's other life was troubled. >> that's right. and she would always kiss them. pat them on the head. stroke their hair. always comfort them. one day, i saw william get a scolding from his nanny. and william started to cry. his face all cinkle e cinkled u.
8:05 am
and diana rushed up and calmed him down. that's how she felt. not only about her children but all children. >> you photographed diana and charles' engagement, as well as william and kate's this week. when did you notice that kate was wearing diana's engagement ring? >> when i got to the palace on tuesday, william and kate had a little tea party for a few royal correspondents. and i noticed it right away. and i said to the press secretary, diana's ring, have you noticed? and you thought about it. it's obvious he would have done that. i mean, this ring was -- we all photographed this ring many times, when diana announced their engagement. at first, we said on tuesday, we photographed it again. and it linked everything together. and then, on the day diana got engaged, she wore a beautiful, blue outfit.
8:06 am
and kate wore a beautiful blue outfit. it all came flooding back. this is what william wants. he wants somehow, to never forget his mother. and we won't. >> of course, it was such a different atmosphere. you were there for both engagement announcements, with william and kate's this week. and we remember charles' statement quote, whatever being in love is. did that feel strained way back then? and a little off to you? >> when i look back at that interview, i think it's probably the worst interview i've ever seen. it was so frigid. there was no love in it. and yet, when i looked at kate and william the other day, they were so excited. and just, obviously, you know, so much in love. it was just brilliant to be there. and i was talking to one of prince charles' staff today. and apparently, it's still going on. they're still enjoying
8:07 am
themselves. and glad it's out. and finally, they've made the statement. they're getting engaged. and they're looking forward to getting on with the wedding. it looks like it will be westminster abbey. where the queen was married. you know, for us in britain, it will be one of the most exciting years for a long while. >> where the queen was married. and, of course, where princess diana's funeral service took place. you described kate as a front-page princess. how much pressure will she be under to live up to princess diana's legacy? >> we shouldn't expect that. when princess diana came along, she became probably the biggest superstar we ever had in britain. for 15, 16 years. even after she divorced prince charles, she was still a megastar. we don't want to put kate up there on that pedestal. maybe that will happen. she is a stunning-looking girl. she has the figure of a supermodel. and she's got, obviously, exquisite taste. of course, she will be photographed.
8:08 am
everything she wears will be gone over thoroughly by the fashion editors. >> i'm sure. >> but we'll give her a little bit of space. >> let's hope so. thank you so much for being here with us this morning. i'm sure we'll be talking to you in the weeks and months to come. >> take care, elizabeth. >> all right. take care. now, let's check in with juju chang at the newsdesk. >> i love looking at the pictures of a young prince charles, right? we're going to turn to the news. we're continuing to report a developing story overseas, where a piece of suspicious luggage was found on a plane headed from africa to germany. infused inside attached to a battery and clock. but no explosives were found. germany raised its security level wednesday, saying there was evidence of a plot to attack their country this month. the white house is firing back this morning against critics of the first verdict of a civilian trial of a guantanamo detainee. the obama administration argued wednesday's conviction of an al qaeda operative on only 1 of nearly 300 charges, does not show that civilian courts can't
8:09 am
handle terrorism trials. the white house says one conviction will send ahmed ghailani to prison for most of his life for the bombings in africa. sarah palin says she believes she could beat president obama. mel gibson's former lover is telling the harrowing details of the first time she says gibson attacked her. oksana and gibson are locked in a custody battle. she spoke with larry king. >> he hit me with the fist, while i was holding lucy. and my son witnessed everything. and we ran around. and he was screaming and yelling. then, he told us, you know, to get out. and went to get the gun. >> she's not filed charges stemming from that incident. and larry king will be joining us in the studio in the next
8:10 am
half hour to talk about it. this morning, we're hearing the frantic 911 call made from a woman inside a boston taxi. the driver took the woman on a wild ride, speeding through the city, refusing to let her out. our yunji de nies has more. >> let me out of this taxi. >> reporter: for kate patterson, it was a frightening ride that would not end. >> please, help me. i'm in a taxi that will not let me out of the taxi. >> reporter: patterson called 911, telling the operator that the driver was speeding lu the streets of boston, with her locked in his cab. >> please, help me. they're driving really fast. and they won't let me out of the taxi. >> reporter: she started describing landmarks, hoping police would catch up. >> passing chipotle. i'm at the big intersection by the chinese restaurant. >> reporter: even with sirens blaring, this cobbe refused to slow down. >> he's not even stopping for the cop. please, stop. >> reporter: eventually, he did stop. and police arrested 51-year-old
8:11 am
osei kwame. he is arrested for kidnapping and failing to stop for police. >> they refused to pay. so, i don't think so. i was going to stop. >> reporter: his friends say, the passengers, not the driver, were in the wrong. >> they didn't want to pay. he decided to take them back to where he picked them up, or to the nearest police station. >> reporter: but for patterson, there is no question. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: after her simple cab ride home. >> coming over the bridge. oh, my god. please, help me. >> reporter: turned into a terrifying night. >> let me out of this taxi. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. >> definitely, no tip there. now, oprah is reportedly house-hunting in new jersey. check out this $68 million mansion. it has 5 stories, 19 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. it would be nice to have oprah as a neighbor, don't you think? time, now, for the weather
8:12 am
and sam champion. sam, did you know that alpine, new jersey, is the most expensive zip code now, according to "forbes" magazine. >> alpine is gorgeous. i can't live there. but i can drive through. hey, everybody. good morning. [ cheers ] something is suspiciously wrong. something is -- where are you guys from? >> kansas city. >> what's the school? all right. megan, right? >> yes. >> okay. you guys did not dress for the weather. where are the coats? >> they are inside right now. >> okay. you came outside to stand out here what? to look all cute for tv? >> we wanted to look as good as you do. >> oh. all right. there was going to be detention. but now, you're all forgiven. that was good. it so works on me. one or two things going on this morning we want you to know about. we're going to show you a shot of snow from stevens pass. there was four to six inches.
8:13 am
this is a storm system that runs all the way down the coastline. not necessarily with snow. but with colder air and wet and windy conditions. l.a., you'll get cooler a long time ago. mark from paducah, right? >> yep. >> very nice to meet you, sir. i love that. and we're going back to elizabeth. >> thank you, sam. coming up next, it's easy to get. and teens can't get enough of
8:14 am
it. elisabeth hasselbeck on the very real dangers of fake marijuana. hi. chili's tonight? do i know you? yeah. your mother's brother went to summer camp with my uncle's friend's accountant. we're practically family. jason? who? my mom's brother's accountant. yeah. that guy is a maniac. okay. i love jason. isn't he a riot? chili's $20 dinner for two. all you need is somebody to go with. share one appetizer, choose two entrees. now with crispy fried shrimp. just $20 for two at chili's.
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8:18 am
what every parent needs to know about a trendy, new drug that's getting more popular with teenagers. it's been called synthetic marijuana. and kids that smoke it feel distorted vision, everyone paralysis. in most parts of the country, the drug is completely legal. elisabeth hasselbeck joins us on what she has found. >> it's something people can pick up in a local tobacco shop. but some thinks it's the most dangerous thing you can buy there. and one mom says it caused her son's death. and she's doing everything she can to get it off the shelves. it goes by many names. k-2. black mamba. even mr. nice guy. but make no mistake, say law enforcement officials, what's inside of these little packets is anything but nice. >> k-2 can affect your body in different and serious ways. heart palpatations.
8:19 am
>> reporter: is substance is synthetic marijuana. and it's being misused. it's the hot, new teen drug of choice and has parents and doctors worried. >> i believe that the k-2 was responsible for his death. k-2 does lots of things to your brain. >> reporter: bonnie gable nose all-too well what happen can happen when a teen smokes marijuana. last spring, her son, charlie, was finishing up his freshman year of college. and he collected money to buy k-2. hours later, he drove his car over 100 miles per hour before crashing to his death. >> had he not smoked k-2, he would be here. i believe that the k-2 caused him to panic or hallucinate. >> reporter: bonnie is among those parents, fighting to have k-2 and all synthetic marijuana banned. since charlie's death, the substance has been outlawed in his hometown.
8:20 am
but it's still legal in his home state of wisconsin. among the reasons it's managed to stay on store shelves, the disclaimer, stating that the substance is not for human consumpti consumption. but law enforcement officials say that teens are the target market for the drug. >> i would equate it to taking a cigarette, dipping it in paint thinner, lighting it and smoking it. you're introducing carcinogens into the body, that are not regulated by the federal government. >> reporter: synthetic marijuana is outlawed in a dozen states. among the reasons for its growing popularity, it's easily accessible. it's affordable. generally retailing for $20 to $60 a packet. and unlike other drug, it's not detectable in drug tests. how easy is it to find synthetic marijuana? we decided to hit the streets of new york to find out.
8:21 am
within 15 minutes, in a 3-block radius, for less than $100, i was able to purchase three different varieties of k-2 or synthetic pot. right beside me, a guy was carded for cigarettes. it's not just for purchase in head shops. it's easily found online. and that accessibility causes many to worry. >> given that k-2 is much more potent than marijuana, i worry that they are going to exacerbate schizophrenic symptoms in those that are schizophrenic. or mask schizophrenic symptoms in teenagers that are vulnerable. >> reporter: but k-2's makers says the substance is not harmful. >> everything we know about it indicates it's safe. >> reporter: many teens feel if the stuff is sold legally, there's no real danger. >> i've heard some harmful things. but overall, i think it's okay.
8:22 am
>> reporter: bonnie gable says she learned the hard way. legal or not, the substance is anything but safe. her message to teens -- >> why? why would you want to try this stuff? don't you know that you could get killed? i don't want to have all this pain for the rest of my life that you're gone before me. >> reporter: now, the folks who make and distribute the product, says it isn't harmful and used for incense. one of the distributors said they've had no reports of people get injured or having schizophrenic symptoms because of use of the product. one of the distributes we reached out relied they have had no reports of people being injured or experiencing schizophrenic symptoms as the result of using their product. they also dispute that k-2 caused charlie gable's death. but they've had over 2,000 calls on the flip side of that.
8:23 am
that's clear evidence there's misuse of this. >> a serious indication of real danger there. but the authorities are walking a pretty fine line here. we've seen with four loko, the more we publicize the dangers, the sales go through the roof. >> it's a tricky thing. the ultimate goal is to close that knowledge gap. get teens to understand it's too risky. and get parents to know it's out there. and get authorities to regulate or remove it from the shelves. when we come back, larry king is going to join us live. [ male announcer ] for frequent heartburn relief, nothing beats prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better.
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8:27 am
now, mayor lean most powerful to lar radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. >> good mornings. 8:27 theis outside. 43 in baltimore and north wind although to the north is milder at 46 in york and 45 in hagerstown. we expect is to have a look at some increasing clouds something that won't put a smile on many faces. cloud from the next storm system that could bring showers in late afternoon or evening. but until then, we will lose that sun in the next couple hours and we will look for a breeze to pick up to 25 miles per hour. two degree guaranteed high of 56. >> reporter: it's going to be stop and go on the harisburg expressway towards the beltway. looking at the bw parkway at
8:28 am
route 32 in both directions traffic moves well. outer loop has an accident past bel air road as you approach harford blocking the two right lanes. traffic is jammed at this time. a new accident reported in howard county northbound 95 at route 32. here's jammy costello with the morning news update. >> 20-year-old james kimbell has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for an atolt on a police detective that left him lollly blind. germane cook lost his -- lost his left eye after being hit in a glass beer mug flown by -- thrown kimbell. prosecutors say cook will never work as a police officer again. and for the first time in nearly 30 years, the baltimore branch of the into aelectriced a woman -- naacp elected a woman. testa hill aston will be sworn in on the first of the year. more news and weather for you in about 30 minutes now back to new york and more of "good morning
8:29 am
, america" at 8:30.
8:30 am
♪ please i try not to cry that's annie lennox. what a voice. she's going to be here tomorrow, performing live. right here on "good morning america." >> that's one of my favorite songs. i have it on my ipod, in my workout list. >> we have had such a good fall concert series. and she's going to be here tomorrow. it took 25 years, 40,000 interviews. larry king is here, with his long-time producer, wendy walker. sharing classic moments and behind-the-scene moments that make him a legend. >> there's so much to talk to them about. but my favorite larry king
8:31 am
moment has to be the marlon brando kiss. >> just incredible. >> we'll show that coming up. plus, if you want to stay out of the kitchen this thanksgiving, becky worley will show you how to put the big meal together all by mail-order. she's put together the top-of-the-line food sites. and the official kickoff of our fourth annual warm coats, warm hearts drive. and the harlem globetrotters are here, to kick off our effort. look at those guys. first, we go to sam champion, the last one in line -- just kidding. to tell us about "just one thing." hey, sam. >> hey, elizabeth. larry king made my whole job. made my career, when he let this local weatherman fill in on his show. i love my larry king. he's upstairs. "just one thing." it's that time of year. your kids will come in 6-times to 12-times the infection of a
8:32 am
cold or flu this season. dr. rosen from "pediatrician" magazine is here. we're going to talk about things to fix it. >> natural remedies. >> i use the netti pot. describe this. >> it uses salt water to help with congestion. but the netty pot is a great way. you pour it in one side and out the other. >> it's not bad as you think it is. uncomfortable the first few times. but you get used to it. >> young kids, as young as 2 or 3 years old. >> what do you mean eucalyptus? >> this is a eucalyptus plant. we can take the oil of this plant, and put it in a bowl of hot water. breathe it in. put a drop behind the ears or on the chest. it reduces sinuses and reduce congestion. >> i'm nervous when you say give something to children. but this one is okay. >> it's hard to pronounce.
8:33 am
s a. >> and chicken soup works. >> here it is. great properties to hydrate. salt water in it. >> tested? >> university of nebraska showed it helped your white blood cells fight infection. >> i love grandma's chicken soup. thanks for all that. that's your "just one thing." let's get to the weather board. the big system in the northwest. it's not only snow at pass level, with cold, gusty air. but it will also move down the coast of california. colder air temperatures. and looks like we'll see rain from this all the way into southern california, as well. all that weather was brought to
8:34 am
you by kay jewelers. now, to george and sir larry to king. the all-time champ of tv talk. larry king is in "the guinness book of world record" for having the longest-running tv show in the same time slot. here's here with his producer, wendy walker. she has a book out called "producer, lessons learned from 25 years in television." thank you for joining us. >> it is 11 below here. >> you dressed up in weather. >> it's a wonderful studio. >> you are going out with a bang. oksana last night, that is something. >> that's what the book deal is. what a good exec producer does. they work hard. we got her. and it was something to go through that, to watch her, listen to those phone calls. and it's hard. she liked mel gibson. >> loved him, i assume, yeah. >> great director. great filmmaker. great actor.
8:35 am
and to hear that. to me, it's partially embarrassing. >> i think you're right about that. wendy, larry gives you so much credit, as he just did. what have you learned from him these 17 years? >> i think i've learned that when you have talent like that, you just have to let him go. i cannot ever second-guess larry. i think that's -- if you have a marriage, a good producer and good talent, he has to -- i have to let him do his job. i have to stand back. >> and, larry, you've prepared her. you say your relationship with wendy is the longest relationship you've had with a woman without having sex. >> yeah, it is. 17 years. >> 17 years. >> boy, i'll tell you. that's true. well, i'm going to be 77 on friday. i still can't believe that. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. i can't believe it. what she said is right. when you work live, as i do, and you sort of like to work off the top, the producers do their job.
8:36 am
and then -- right now, we're live, right? >> it is. >> they did all they could to set the beautiful book up. >> now, it's our turn to screw it up? >> exactly. >> the ball is in your court. >> you had to scramble so many times. my favorite is the one -- al gore couldn't make it to the studio. you guys did a last-minute scramble. and started talking to your kids? >> i put my two boys on. how old were they then? >> 7 -- >> it must have been 5 and 4. and -- >> he was just not there. we had to go to tape or wait and put somebody on. he was on his way. >> it was the end of the segment. >> you're not kidding. they're 11 and 10 now. the one on the left, a baseball star. he's a football star. there's ken and chance on the left. and there's shawn. she's filling in. >> and we're holding the elevator. >> and the gores coming up in the elevator. >> one of your most memorable
8:37 am
shows. >> but then, as gore sat down, and chance got up, an embarrassing thing happened. kids do what they do. >> and gore went -- >> i don't think. >> we got a little news out of you. >> i teased in our last half-hour, the moment i think everyone remembers is marlon brando. it's one thing to have him come on. he didn't do all that many interviews. but then, he plants that kiss. >> i had no idea it was coming. wendy has a funny thing. the network got mad at her. >> it was over. and i got a call from the president. he said, why did you let them do that? i said what? he said, why did you let them kiss? i said, you know, i forgot to tell them to stop. >> if she jumped up now and kissed you. and the network got mad at you. >> did they really get mad? >> yes. they questioned it, yes. but it was just in the moment.
8:38 am
they thought it was embarrassing. i knew it was going to be historic television moment, the moment i saw it. >> and he kissed you. >> he kissed me later. >> okay. what's your favorite memory? one of my -- latest memories was the telethon we were able to do. when everybody else was going to haiti, we couldn't do that. so, we put this telethon together that was 90 minutes. and raised $9 million. that is one of my happiest moments. >> it was put together so quickly. >> we didn't really know what we were doing. we knew how to do a telethon. but was able to help a little bit. >> that's fantastic. that's great. what is next for you? >> well, we're doing four specials a year for cnn. wendy's going to exec produce them. and i'll be doing some other things. i can't stay away. of course not. >> is it true, you're going to do some standup? >> i have done standup a long
8:39 am
time. when i speak at conventions, i tell funny stories. i think i would be a standup comic. >> he's very funny. did you know that? >> i know. >> my nephew, scott zieger is a broadway producer. i would like to take time off and do that. there is nothing like standing on stage and making people laugh. >> you can learn all about behind the scenes. >> this is a terrific book. >> the book is called "producer." wendy walker wrote it, all about her life behind the scenes with larry king. and what it took to get things on the air. great to see you guys. >> thanks. great to see you guys. >> thanks. we'll be right back. my parachers - even my friends. it's like if i slip up - even a little - i'll never be able to get up. i feel so suffocated, just wanna... (sound of breath)
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8:42 am
in today's "countdown to thanksgiving," becky worley has a few time-saving tricks for turky day. she's going to show us how to put together an entire thanksgiving dinner with a few mouse clicks? is this real? >> you can order your thanksgiving dinner online.
8:43 am
there's years when i luxuryate, in the planning and the cooking. not this year. >> i know your feeling. >> i love you for saying that. >> how does it work? >> you figure out where to go. one of the most popular places is smoked turkey, $60 for 14 pounds. >> that's a 14-pound center. >> that will feed a lot of people. we're thinking ten people or so. >> when it arrives at your house, is it hot? >> frozen. you reheat it when the time comes. and $60 is a little expensive. but a similar turkey, if you bought it would be about $35. and shipping and handling is on top of all this stuff. keep that in mind. you have until monday to order any of the things we're going to talk about. if you get panicked, it will arrive by thanksgiving. >> ordering earlier makes it cheaper. >> that's right.
8:44 am
>> you'll pay if you wait until monday. >> and there's specialties, too. >> this arrives on which day? if i order it today or monday? >> i think it depends how much time they have. they'll probably get it as close to thanksgiving as possible. >> is reheating it fool-proof? >> you can do it. >> what about this one? >> this is the turducken from cajun grocers. $67 for the turkey-chicken-duck with the cajun stuffing inside. delicious. if you want something different, that's one idea you can do. >> how much is this? >> this is $67. and it is delish. it's all deboned. you get meat after meat. >> and it arrives frozen? >> just reheat it. >> this makes me nervous. you think the turkey online. the gobblegobble, delish. the turducken is a specialty. it's not weight watchers-friendly.
8:45 am
it's fat wrapped in skin. >> and this is dinner for two. >> if there's just two of you, why not? $60 from omaha steaks. you get the potatoes, the green bean casserole, the pumpkin pie. >> and desserts are a labor-intensive part of the meal. >> order it. >> and here, it's not just vegetables. but cranberry sauce is a real classic. >> again, this is another whole meal option. this is from honeybaked ham. >> you can't get the turkey? >> you can get pieces. this is a roast turkey from honeybaked. i got a honeybaked turkey when i was pregnant. and i couldn't cook that year. and it was delish. nobody cares. they want to enjoy the day. don't get me wrong. the beauty in the kitchen, i enjoy that. and having time with family. when you don't have the fam, get the meal. >> it's four hours of cooking, one hour of eating and four hours of cleaning up. happy thanksgiving. >> right?
8:46 am
that sounds fun to some people. but -- and i figure ordering it online, based on all the time it takes me to do stuff, about eight hours of time-saving. >> what is this site? is this a stuffing? >> this is an oyster stuffing from hancock gourmet lobster company. we have the allen brothers green bean casserole. that's three pounds for $45. delish. >> and arrives frozen? >> frozen. >> and the gram travers pie company. look at the amazing "good morning america" pie we will be enjoying. >> how nice. i'm taking this one home. >> delicious. >> that's fantastic. great ideas in case you get stuck on thanksgiving. go to to get great ideas for your turkey stuffing, sides and dessert.
8:47 am
you can also get, by the way, sara moulton's advice to avoid the top ten mistakes that people make when they're cooking the thanksgiving meal. i think i made all ten of them. coming up next, the harlem globetrotters. they kick off our warm coats, warm hearts drive, after this. flippers slapping ]
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
time, now, to kick off one of our favorite holiday traditions here at "gma." the annual warm hearts and warm coats drive. this is the fourth year we've partnered with burlington coat factory. thanks to you, we've collected more than 570,000 coats. we've had help from our special guests. you can tell from that music who our special guests are today. the harlem globetrotters. thanks for coming out. >> you've been going for 85 years. you've been with us with the warm hearts and coats drive since the beginning. >> that's correct. we've been traveling for 85 years all over the world. we're known as the ambassadors of goodwill. that is why we're here. we like to give back to the community. and we're here to do it again. >> and teachers of young ones. what are you guys learning over here? >> couple passes. >> it's a secret?
8:51 am
okay. i won't tell anybody. >> we will show it on tv. >> okay. future globetrotters. if you could have your pick of charity organizations to get involved with, why this one? >> we've been giving back for 85 years. and this is such a great cause. we decided to come back. and we hope to do it next year again. we're getting ready for our u.s. tour, starting december 26th. so, we're very excited about that. we have to make sure these kids are warm for our tour. >> let's talk to juju, now. she's outside with more donations from the burlington coat factory. >> every year, viewers ask us, do you hold on to the coats until the end of the drive? the answer is absolutely not. burlington coat factory is already loading up the van. they are donating 925 coats today. this is for the new york rescue mission. it's a shelter in lower manhattan. this is from camba. this is for hiv services, legal
8:52 am
services. over here, we have our third fan to w.i.n., women in need. there's children's coats, men's coats, women's coats, to give warmth to so many people in need in the holiday season. this is the fun part of the holiday season, giving back. all of these coats are brand-new, donated by burlington coat factory, today, heading out to the social service agencies that do good work in the holidays. and the warm hearts, warm coats drive, couldn't do it without the volunteers from burlington. if you're wondering, should i donate a coat, you should. it will head out to an agency and all the families in need. george and elizabeth? >> and the giving has started in the studio. globetrotters giving the coats. special k. and the lex has been going on for a few weeks. we actually have -- let me hear a drumroll. [ drumroll ]
8:53 am
already, 32,612 coats. >> have some more right here. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] >> come forward. >> not again. >> very excited about the coats this morning. go and clean out your closets. give your gently-used coats today. you can find all the information you need on our website, at and these kids are having so much fun this morning. we'll be right back.
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8:56 am
okay, kids. show us what you learned. what did you learn from the harlem globetrotters? >> nice. our next generation, right here. >> it's great stuff. visit our coat drive right now. tomorrow, we'll be back. annie lennox will be here live. it will be a great day. we'll see you then. now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast
8:57 am
certified most accurate by weatherrate. >> 56. still have the sun out and the sun is trying to help boost us out of upper 30s to 48. we have the trifecta from towson and annapolis pushing 50. but the sun will erode. clouds advancing pushing in towards the here forezone. and most of western maryland overcast with the rain on the other side of the mountains. a good chance most of that stuff misses us, but there could be a small chance of your shower in the backyard. we cloud it up and get breezy gust up to 25 miles per hour and two degree guaranteed highs 56. an evening shower and snowflake mixed in west of town and clear out with down to 32 by daybreak. welt talk more about this at nine, but 45 to 50 tomorrow lows in the 20s. 50s over the weekend and we will climb to 65 by tuesday. but rain to take us into the
8:58 am
thanksgiving. >> reporter: we have got big problems on the beltway right now. an incident on inner and outer loop at bel air road. we are looking at the inner loop at harford road approaching bel air. a disabled vehicle is blocking the two left lanes on the outer loop. an issue approaching harford an accident blocks the two right lanes. expect lengthy delays. that's affecting traffic on 95 and the harrisburg expressway. looking at the maps, we have linger in the area an accident in notingham at kenwood and brookwood avenue. a crash reported southbound 95 at eastern avenue. that blocks both on and off ramps this morning. that's causing problems make are way further down into the city. stay with us, "good morning, maryland eye "is up next starting at nine.
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